Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thea Tamura Fashion - JOHANNE

I am pleased to present one of the newer offerings from Thea Tamura Fashions (TTF), called "Johanne."  Johanne is designer Thea Tamura's  ode to one of the world's most heralded woman, Joan of Arc.

Like the woman for whom it is named, Johanne exudes grace and power.  This amazing set, like many of Thea's creations is available in several styles, ranging from  the underlying lingerie to a long skirt version, and like most of TTF's creations can be worn in a variety of ways, enabling the individual to create a customized look and style of her own.

In the accompanying photos, I am wearing the Short skirt with the accompanying flexi belt and skirt prims along with the corset, collar with straps and adjoining chest detailing.  Also paired with the Johanne stockings, gloves and arm cuffs, this amazing design is both an architectural and fashion masterpiece that exudes power, confidence and grace.

 The intricate floral strap detail conjures the image of a laurel wreath perhaps awarded after the Siege or Orleans to the 19 yr. old martyr.  This type of highly unique and detailed flourish is emblematic of the attention to the most minute details in every TTF design.  Designer Thea Tamura takes great pride in her work and while this detailing could have been created in a clothing layer, the intricate 3D detail is crafted to make a bold and powerful statement that can only come from the passion of the designer and her muse.

 Johanne is another stunning example from Thea Tamura of what is possible in SL fashion.  From the slinky lingerie to the  gown length skirt, Johanne will let you conquer the moment and rally an army of admirers.

 Johanne is available now in the TTF main shop at the address below:

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