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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Miss Nigeria by Thea Tamura Fashions

                  THEA TAMURA FASHION
                       "MISS NIGERIA"
     Gown modeled by Ivyana Szondi, finalist in the Miss Virtual World 2010

Miss Virtual World (MVW) is perhaps the most important and most coveted beauty and modeling competition in all of Second Life. Held annually, thousands of entries are whittled down to just 20 finalists each representing a specific country.  The 2010 competition was no exception.

Each finalist searches the grid for clothing, and in particular, a gown for the big event, held this year on December 19th in the Patch Thibuad Auditorium.

The hunt for gowns begins months in advance and many savvy contestants seek out favorite designers to create custom, one-of-a-kind creations for them to wear on the big night.  Such is the case with MVW finalist, Ivyana Szondzi, Miss Nigeria.

Ivy sought out designer Thea Tamura, the design genius behind Thea Tamura Fashions.  Thea is known across the grid for creating some of SL’s most astonishing fashions.  Designs that are both ‘architectural’ masterpieces, constructed with the sharpest attention to movement and drape, cut and shape combined with unique, often intricate, patterns and knits, expertly stitched to reveal flawless seams that mate perfectly.  Understanding the physics of movement in SL – combining just enough flexi to move elegantly, without creating a ball of tulle 1m behind a walking avatar – perfect texture-matching, unique shapes, Thea Tamura creates bold, dramatic “temples” of fashion.

Starting several months ago, designer Thea Tamura began to create a magnificent custom gown for  Ivyana Szondi that conjures the rich colors and vibrancy of Ivyana's representative land of Nigeria.

“Miss Nigeria,” as the gown is called, features a strapless corset bodice and full-hoop gown skirt of richly patterned, jewel tones.  A cascade of geometric turquoise blues, and amethyst tones, set off by blue and white pearl beading give this magnificent gown both a sophistication appropriate for any ballroom yet still retains a cultural honesty.  Miss Nigeria includes short, matching bell sleeves and a matching beaded choker that echoes the rich gem tones and pearls.  Miss Nigeria is also complemented with matching bracelets that repeat the pearl and gems tones of the choker.  The gown also includes a separate long stand of metallic beads that reinforces the culturalism of Ivyana’s adopted African Nation.

Designer Thea Tamura has also created a dramatic headpiece that harkens to the traditional, brightly colored headscarves worn in many African nations, but has “amped-up” the couture factor with a crown of hair and headpiece that is at once bold, yet understated.  The pattern matches that of the gown though in a more subtle and larger pattern so as not to overwhelm the overall presentation and focuses the attention on Miss Nigeria’s angelic face.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Angel Dessous "Christmas 2009" Lingerie

I had the honor, and pleasure, to be a model in the GLANCE International Agency's Christmas Benefit Show & Sale held December 12th at the GIA Main Runway.

 Over 16 designers donated new original works to be modeled by some of SL's top supermodels.  Each outfit is currently for sale in the GIA Runway shop through New Year's with all of the proceeds generated for the sales going to the International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies.

 This wonderful charity is committed to helping victims of natural disasters, war, hunger and medical emergencies without regard for race, religion, nationality, class or political opinions.

Participating designers include:  Nando Korobase, Angel Dessous  •  Honey Bender, Faster Pussycat  •  Seraphina Canucci, Seraphina Canucci  •  Journey McLaglen, Prism  • Penelope Heron, !mpossible  •  Diva Lilliehook, LACE   •  Callie Cline, Callie Cline  •  Steffi Villota, DeeTaleZ  •  Dimawa Capalini, D'Signs  •  Mystery Salmson, Elegant Endings  •  Swaffette Firefly, SF Designs  •  Sommes Discovolante,  Con Charisma Store  •  Potnia Theas, Ora Trei Designs  •  Wenadrenia Soderstrom, J&W Jewelers  • Chantelle Ashdene, Atelier Chantelle Ashdene.

I was fortunate enough to wear a very special Christmas lingerie set created by famed lingerie designer Nando Korobase of Angel Dessous. "Christmas '09" as it is called, features a fur-trimmed, lace,  bolero jacket with a matching fishnet & lace corset with white lace piping.  Also included in this fun and flirty outfit are matching red-lace tanga panties and matching red lace garter belt, trimmed again with delicate white-lace piping.  This set, which begs the question, "Naughty or nice?" also includes matching sheer red stockings that picks up each element of the set with white fishnet band above the sheer,  red stockings.  The set is finished with  an adorable, modifiable, Santa hat and fur-trimmed, red patent leather pumps that just up the "va-voom" factor and will make any Santa happy they slid down your chimney.

 Stop by the GIA Runway shop to get your own limited edition Angel Dessous "Christmas '09" lingerie set, and check out all of the other wonderful dresses, gowns, jewelry, skins, shoes and accessories and help support the International Red Cross as it helps our international community survive catastrophe and live with dignity and greater harmony.

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Welcome to my universe!!  I'm DarkStar, or more simply, "Star," Gothly.  I am a model in Second Life and the Marketing Officer for GLANCE International Agency. I have established this blog to write about the many things I am involved with in the SL fashion industry and, well, I like to hear myself talk. :)  I'm hoping you will too! So grab a drink, kick off your stilletos and let's talk about the issues, good, bad or indifferent going on in and around the amazingly diverse world of SL fashion.

 And thanks for stopping by my lil corner of the galaxy.  I hope it becomes a regular destination for fun and entertaining news, opinions and lively discussion.